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Flexible cooling solution

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The new FleXaire CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) system from Eaton-Williams provides precision controlled cooling for data centres.

Modern data centres generate substantial amounts of heat which is further increased with the use of higher density equipment packed into more racks. The FleXaire DX down flow system provides efficient heat removal and reliable humidity control within tight tolerances.

Incorporating Eaton-Williams latest purpose-built controls platform and supporting the most common standard BMS protocols, six FleXaire models are available ranging from 10-60Kw. High technology features are standard and include EC fans, dual compressors, the latest evaporator designs and profiled corrugated aluminium fins which increase the efficiency of heat transfer.

Comprehensive network control and duty/standby strategies are integrated into every FleXaire model to meet the constantly changing requirements of datacentres. Eaton-Williams

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