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Profinet IO Fieldbus Couplers

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Wago‘s new 750-375 and 750-377 PROFINET IO fieldbus couplers support the latest Profinet Standard V2.3

Both models are equipped with an integrated  2-port switch, enabling line topology without extra components. Additionally, both couplers support LLDP protocol, allowing for device replacement without programming.  Besides standard PROFINET features, such as topology detection and comprehensive diagnostics, both fieldbus couplers provide additional functions.

Key features include PROFIenergy profile for efficient energy management, Ipar server functionality and Tool Calling Interface (TCI). Standard communication via  PROFIsafe  protocol (Safety Integrated) allows both 750-375 and 750-377 couplers to be used in safety-related applications.  The 750-375 PROFINET IO advanced fieldbus coupler, which carries its own supply module, creates local process images for maximum of two I/O controllers and one I/O supervisor.



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