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DEHNcare protects workers exposed to arc fault

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Arc-fault-tested protective equipment

Worldwide arc fault accidents are the predominant cause for accidents during work on electrical installations. In the event of an electric arc flash, workers are exposed to temperatures of more than 10,000°C. Severe burns, injury and death are the possible tragic consequences with the hand and head region particularly at risk of being burnt by arc faults.


During live working and working in the vicinity of live parts, high-quality protective clothing minimises the risk of injury in case of an arc fault and prevents severe burns. Protective clothing will only provide protection if it is suited for the work performed and used at all times.

DEHN + SÖHNE have developed a new arc-fault-tested safety helmet with visor, arc-fault-tested gloves and arc-fault tested suit as part of its personal protective equipment range. The DEHNcare range of arc fault protective clothing combines unique wearing comfort and maximum protection reducing the risk of injury due to an arc fault during work on electrical installations.

DEHNcare protective gloves

The hand and forearm region is particularly at risk of being burnt by arc faults whilst working at electrical installations. The DEHNcare arc fault tested APG  gloves offer reliable protection and comply with the relevant laws and regulations having been extensively tested in box tests in accordance with IEC 61482.

Protection against:
• Second-degree skin burns caused by arc faults
• Thermal and mechanical risks

Maximum wearing comfort thanks to:
• Breathable materials enhance wearing comfort
• Exceptional touch sensitivity
• Excellent fit with 5 different size options

DEHNcare safety helmet with arc fault protected face shield

Accident statistics show that the face region is frequently affected by severe burns. The DEHN safety helmet with arc-fault-protected face shield prevents second-degree
skin burns. It protects the face and head region from flying debris and splashes and, at the same time, offers maximum wearing comfort. The visor is coated with nanoparticles and is thus extremely robust and scratch-proof.

DEHNcare arc fault protected face shield of type APS

Excellent visibility due to:
• Anti-mist coating
• Natural colour reproduction
• High light transmittance
High degree of protection due to nanotechnology:
• Energy absorbing
• Low wear

Safety helmet for electricians of type ESH
Protection of the head and face region
Maximum wearing comfort
Easy to use thanks to:
• Push / rotary knob for adjusting the size
• Plug-in system (helmet, face shield)

DEHNcare protective suit

DEHN has now extended its portfolio of personal protective equipment by an arc-fault-tested protective suit. In addition to safety helmets and protective gloves, the protective suit constitutes the third important component for reducing the risk of arc flash injury whilst working on electrical installations. The new two-part protective suit protects workers from the thermal effects of an arc fault during work on electrical
installations. To this end, the same breathable leather and neoprene materials which have already been used for the DEHNcare protective gloves provide maximum protection (IEC 61482-1-2, class 2) and excellent wearing comfort.

In combination with the flame retardant lining and the reflective strips, the protective suit offers complete protection to workers exposed to arc faults.  The zip and hook-and-loop fasteners are also made of flame-retardant material. Besides the advantages described above, side arm and leg pockets with flaps complement its appearance. The suit is available in six sizes to ensure the correct fit.

Safety devices and equipment from DEHN are manufactured and tested in compliance with the current applicable standards. DEHN is also a reliable partner for supply and maintenance tests of earthing and short-circuiting devices, voltage detectors, switching sticks, fuse tongs, insulating sticks and earthing sticks.

The market leader DEHN, a globally active family-owned electrotechnical company with more than 1500 employees worldwide, offers innovative products and solutions as well as comprehensive service in the field of surge protection, lightning protection and safety equipment.

DEHN focuses on many sectors and future-oriented markets such as the photovoltaic, wind energy, biogas, transportation, telecommunication and process industry sector. The company’s continuous growth is based on more than 100 years of tradition and experience as well as highest quality standards and consistent customer and market orientation throughout the world.

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