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Enhanced version of network-based control system

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Yokogawa Electric Corporation has released an enhanced version of the Stardom network-based control system. With this release, the integrity of the data transferred between supervisory control and data acquisition (Scada) systems and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) is ensured in challenging upstream oil & gas and other applications.

The FCN autonomous controller and the FCN-RTU low power controller are core components of the Stardom network-based control system, which is widely used in applications involving the monitoring and control of oil & gas fields, water supply facilities, and other

installations that are often hundreds of kilometres apart. In such applications, the controllers installed at each site send data via a narrowband communications link to the SCADA system at a central control facility. To ensure that no data is lost, such systems generally employ DNP3, an open distributed network communications protocol. The Stardom system has been enhanced to make better use of the functions supported by the DNP3 protocol.


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