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Ecodesign requirements for lighting products: LED and directional lamps

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A new Commission Regulation has been published on 14 December 2012 in the Official Journal of the European Union1 that included new Ecodesign requirements for LED and directional lamps.

The new requirements apply to directional lamps (80 percent of light is within a solid angle of 120 degrees), LED lamps and lamp control gear, and also pertain to these devices when integrated into other products.

LED modules are exempt from these requirements if they are marketed as part of luminaires that are placed on the market in less than 200 units per year. The regulation also establishes product information requirements for special purpose products.

New Energy Efficiency Standards

Energy efficiency requirements take effect in three stages from 2013 – 2016. Every new stage includes new or more stringent requirements. The Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) shall fulfill the following requirements:


Stage 1 (from 1.9.2013):

– EEI less than 1,75 for mains-voltage filament lamps if luminous flux greater than 450 lm- EEI less than 1,20 for other filament lamps (EEI less than 0.95, if luminous flux greater than 450 lm)- EEI less than 0,50 for other lamps


Stage 2 (from 1.9.2014):

– EEI less than 1,75 for mains-voltage filament lamps

– EEI less than 0,95 for other filament lamps

– The no-load power of a lamp control gear intended for use between the mains and the switch for turning the lamp load on/off shall not exceed 1,0 W.


Stage 3 (from 1.9.2016):

– EEI less than 0,95 for filament lamps

– EEI less than 0,36 for high-intensity discharge lamps

– EEI less than 0,20 for other lamps

– The no-load power of a lamp control gear intended for use between the mains and the switch for turning the lamp load on/off shall not exceed 0,5 W.


Functionality Data

Functionality requirements also enter in force in three stages during 2013 and 2016.

They include requirements such as:

– Lamp survival factor at 6000 h

– Lumen maintenance

– Number of switching cycles before failure

– Starting time

– Lamp warm-up time

– Color rendering (Ra)


Product Information

Required product information shall be displayed on the package and free access websites. Additionally the following shall be marked on the lamp (value and unit): power (W) and voltage (V) and if there is sufficient space available also luminous flux (lm), color temperature (K) and beam angle (°).

These information requirements do not apply to filament lamps not fulfilling the efficacy requirements of Stage 2 (from 1.9.2014) and LED modules when marketed as part of a luminaire from which they are not intended to be removed by the end-user.


Energy Labeling

LED and directional lamps shall have energy labeling according to Commission Delegated Regulation (874/2012, published September 26, 2012) concerning lamps and luminaires supplementing Directive 2010/30/EU. More information is available in Safeguards No 175/12 – New EU Energy Labeling Requirements for Lamps and Luminaires.


Product Parameters

Measurements of the relevant product parameters shall be performed through reliable, accurate and reproducible measurement methods, which take into account the recognized state-of-the-art measurement methods including, where available, harmonized standards adopted by the European standardization bodies, as listed in Annex I to Directive 98/34/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.


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