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Air/water heat exchanger

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For optimum efficiency Rittal’s range of wall-mounted air/water heat exchangers will now be supplied with the following features.

For quick and easy installation the air/water heat exchangers can now be mounted and removed completely from outside the enclosure without having to open the enclosure door.


Units supplied with the Basic controller will now show the enclosure internal temperature on the digital display and those supplied with the Comfort controller will incorporate the Eco-Mode control functionality, first introduced in the Rittal TopTherm Blue e cooling unit.

Targeting the use of energy the Eco-Mode system employs an intelligent strategy to disable the internal fan when the temperature inside the enclosure falls to 10°C below the level desired. The fan is then enabled for a period of 30 seconds every 10 minutes to ensure the accuracy of the sensed temperature and ensure adequate air distribution before becoming permanently enabled when the temperature rises to 5°C below the set point temperature.

Advanced flexibility of the water connections mean units will be supplied with fitted G3/8” external threaded connections, onto which may be fitted the 1/2″ connector sleeves included in the supply. G3/8” internal threaded and 1/2″ NPT external threaded connectors are also available as accessories.



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