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Wilson Power Solutions is the UK’s leading provider of energy efficient and sustainable power distribution solutions

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Under the direction of the third generation of a remarkable power engineering family, this privately owned group strives to meet and exceed the highest standards of quality, customer care and environmental responsibility. Engineering excellence, superior product performance and individual service have helped it to become a valued and trusted power solutions partner for some of the UK’s biggest companies. Having pioneered innovative super low loss amorphous technology in the UK Wilson Power Solutions are committed to help improve the energy efficiency of power distribution networks across the globe.


Voltage management through MV supply  – the most cost effective and least invasive solution
Most sites with MV supply are operating a distribution transformer that is designed to provide a nominal phase voltage of 240V. Where sites can benefit from reducing supply voltage, replacing existing transformers with a Wilson e2 super low loss amorphous unit offering a nominal voltage of 230V alongside an extended tapping range is often the most cost effective solution. Why? Replacing the supply transformer does not require any additional equipment
to be installed. This eliminates the risk of system disturbance, avoids additional transmission losses, minimises the total plant footprint and is virtually maintenance free (see diagrams a & b). Specifying a Wilson e2 super low loss amorphous unit for new developments will support a project’s energy efficiency portfolio and achieve energy savings throughout its lifetime.

Does your transformer need replacing?
If you are tasked with maintenance of your company’s (or a customer’s) estate, opting for a super low loss transformer when capital equipment is up for renewal has become increasingly popular. With even further reduced transformer losses and significant savings through in-built voltage management the additional investment in a super low loss unit will be recuperated in as little as five months and typically no longer than 2.5 years. With a life expectancy of 25 years, total cost of ownership consideration is always favourable.

Wilson Power Solutions manufactures and supplies power and distribution transformers, switchgear
and associated equipment

Leaders in e-efficient power distribution solutions

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