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UPS safeguards against mains power failures for up to 30 minutes at 40 A

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Weidmüller’s uninterruptible power supply (DC-UPS) ensures a highly available 24V DC power supply for automation applications. A reliable DC-UPS avoids costly machinery and system downtime and keeps safety functions, process controls and communications up and running for a defined period of time.

If a power outage occurs at the system input, the DC-UPS reliably provides 24V to the automated components, without interruption, for a pre-defined period of time.

This way, machinery and systems can be switched to a defined status or even continue to operate without change.

The maintenance-free buffer module is perfect for short interruptions in the range of several 100 milliseconds; depending on usage, customers can get a life time of up to 10 years from the device. The UPS controller, in connection with a battery module, bridges longer mains power failures safely and reliably. This module provides power up to 40 A for 30 minutes or 1 A for 30 hours, depending on the requirement.


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