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Intelligent electric bike battery

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Varta Microbattery pedelec batteries require a stable construction for leisure and professional use. The company decided to secure its batteries for some designs using pushlocks manufactured by Camlock Systems.?Varta Microbattery is a European manufacturer of retail and OEM batteries.


The company’s batteries are used in a wide range of applications, encompassing automotive, computer, cell phones and medical equipment.

Another business area is the CellPac BIKE service which produces batteries for pedelecs (or ‘electric bikes’) fitted with a lightweight battery, using lithium-ion rechargeable cells. The product is extremely robust towards environmental and climatic conditions such as rain, heat or mud. 
The battery compartment is secured with Camlock’s 3015 pushlock. The 6 disk tumbler lock provides good security. It has a push-to-lock action, a 45º locking movement and the user-friendly double entry key is trapped in the unlocked position. This ensures the key cannot be lost while the battery compartment is open. A sprung horseshoe clip helps Varta to achieve fast mounting.

Camlock Systems
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