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Cable calculations in your hand!

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Choosing cables and calculating voltage drops for electrical installations up to 25 kW takes just a second or two with the new easy-to-use smartphone app from Megger, one of the world’s leading experts in portable test equipment. The best news is that the app, Cable Calc+, is available totally free to download and, once installed, it is fully functional – even when an Internet connection is not available, allowing it to be used on even the most remote of sites.


Megger’s Cable Calc+ covers all commonly used types of cable, including SWA 2-, 3- and 4-core XLPE; SWA 2-, 3- and 4-core PVC; twin and earth; fireproof and tri-rated. It also allows the user to choose between the four most commonly used reference methods – B, C, 101 and 102. Data entry is fast and straightforward, and the app instantly shows the minimum recommended cable size, the calculated voltage drop in volts and as a percentage, and also the load current.

 The Apple version of this useful app can be downloaded FREE from

01 304 502101

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