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Heat and power for housing development

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Shentongroup, the specialist supplier of power generation and energy support systems and  sole UK provider of Tedom CHP units, has won a contract from Imtech Aqua Building Services to install the newly launched Tedom Centro T100 into the Kingsland Wharves housing development in London.  Shentongroup beat off stiff competition from five other companies to win the prestigious order, which also includes supplying a Tedom Micro T30 CHP system.


The new Tedom Centro T100 series, marketed by shentongroup under its powertherm label, are natural gas powered units producing maximum electrical output of 101Kw, 400V three phase, 50Hz at 1500rpm, with a maximum hot water output of 147Kw and a standard water off temperature of 90C.  The smaller Tedom Micro T30 natural gas powered unit produces a maximum electricity output of 30Kw, 400V three phase, 0.78 power factor, 50Hz at 1500rpm and has a maximum hot water output of 62Kw and standard water off temperature of 90C.

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