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Thermal imaging packages for the utilities sector

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Inspecting a high- or low voltage electrical system when it is fully energised substantially increases the efficiency of the process and Flir thermal imaging is being widely adopted for this task.  

One of the main reasons why its cameras are so popular is their high resolution which provides clear, crisp images and enables the operator to conduct detailed inspections in complete safety.


The 640 x 480 pixels array, that is characteristic of the high-end Flir T- and P-Series, allows the smallest thermal difference to be detected over a long and therefore safe distance.

These cameras provide an excellent return on investment and it is to provide an incentive for those wishing to take advantage of this technology that Flir has announced the availability of its new utility packages.

Th Flir T640 is highly ergonomic and easy to use even when wearing personal protection equipment.  Temperature differences of just 0.04°C are easily seen on this model which is the basis of the first of two Flir utility packages.

The second of the utility packages provides a choice of the FLIR P620, P640 and P660 thermal imaging camera from the range that is the company’s flagship for predictive maintenance.


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