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New energy-saving capabilities

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MK Electric, a manufacturer of wiring devices and accessories, has significantly enhanced its MK astral product range, strengthening its energy efficiency and security proposition.

MK astral, an easy-to-install, cost-effective and reliable wireless control system, now includes a smart interface which allows users to control the system via the simplicity and intuitiveness of the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone with a new application which is free to download.

A command can be sent from an iPhone or iPad using a Wi-Fi network; the Smart Interface then translates this command into Z-Wave, which is the main language used by MK astral to communicate.

Due to the presence of a RS232 port, the addition of the Smart Interface also allows for MK astral to be integrated into and operate as part of a wider home automation system with security, climate control, home entertainment and other capabilities.

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