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Eliminate sagging, noise and vibration

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Due to customer demand, linear drive specialist igus has developed its drylin SLW linear module range to now include SLW leadscrew supports. The new supports offer smooth, lubricant and maintenance free operation of SLW linear drive systems for stroke lengths of 750 mm and more.



The drylin SLW-1040 is an established module within the drylin range; the addition of the unique leadscrew supports eliminates problems, such as noise or vibration, which can occur with long stroke systems.  The supports are carried by the guide carriage and are positioned independently at a set point along the rail length.  On the return stroke, a special mechanism within the carriage transfers the leadscrew support back to the home position, hence stabilising the leadscrew “free length” effectively, eliminating sagging, noise and vibration.

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