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Breakfast seminars power ahead in January

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The roadshow is aimed at consultants, engineers and organisations who are keen to learn about voltage optimisation solutions and who wish to learn about how they can establish relationships with voltage optimisation companies.

All the seminars will be delivered by Dr Alex Mardapittas, managing director of EMSc (UK)and Geoff Clifton of VO4HOME.


The seminars will start at 8.30am and run until 10:30am, and will be held at the Cumberland Hotel in London on the 15 January, the Ramada Plaza in Cannock on the 16 January and Hemsley House in Salford on the 17 January.

Commenting on the roadshow, Dr Alex Mardapittas, managing director of EMSc (UK) said: “As part of the drive to increase awareness and knowledge of voltage optimisation, it is important to deliver seminars which will allow consultants and engineers – who have some knowledge of the technology and its effectiveness – to learn more about how they can work with EMSc (UK) to offer Powerstar voltage optimisations solutions, adding value to their own proposition to potential clients”

Dr Mardapittas added: “The seminars serve as a great platform for demonstrating voltage optimisation as a credible energy saving technology. Voltage optimisation is a simple, cost-efficient way to control a building’s incoming voltage in order to maximise energy savings.”

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