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A one-stop shop for circuit protection systems

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Wylex is delighted to announce the introduction of a new range of MCCB panel-boards and devices to complement its existing range of MCB distribution boards and consumer units. The new Wylex panel-boards are available in two basic frame sizes, NHG125 and NHJ250. For each frame size there is a dedicated range of MCCBs, plus incoming and outgoing metering providing the basic elements required to cater for most power installations.

The major advantage of the Wylex panel-board system over other brands is the fact that J and G MCCB formations can be mixed and configured on site into bespoke assemblies. This allows the designer or installer to create the most electrically and economically appropriate system for any installation. To each NHJ unit the installer can add NHJ or NHG extension units that incorporate 2 4 6 or 8 additional TP ways for NHJ or NHG outgoing devices.   With this flexibility, it is possible to mix and match busbar systems and outgoing devices into customised assemblies with the right number of outgoing ways and the most appropriate mix of devices for each installation.

From a few standard off-the-shelf components, Wylex installers can create many different panel-board configurations, a great advantage when compared with the other brands that offer just half a dozen off the shelf products. Adding these new panel-boards and devices alongside the existing circuit protection range gives Wylex the facility to offer customers a one-stop shop for industrial, commercial, residential and domestic circuit protection systems.

Wylex panel-boards are designed and manufactured in the UK to BSEN 61439-2 2009, and are fully ROHS compliant.  Standard assemblies are Form 3b type 2. To complete the range for each size of Panel-board there is a matching suite of cable ways and metering enclosures, metering kits complete with pre-wired connection looms, lightning and surge arrestor kits, and a range of accessories.

Further information is available from Electrium Sales

Tel: 01543 455000




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