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Relay helps conserve power and aid starting

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Available from specialist distributor Switchtec, a power relay from manufacturer Hongfa enables the safe storage of electric vehicles without battery drain and also the prevention of fire in the event of an accident.

Modern electric vehicles consume battery power even when the ignition is off. The HVF12 relay allows complete battery isolation for vehicle manufacturers, preventing battery drain, and enabling the  vehicle to start after long periods of no use. The relay is also used to disconnect the battery in the event of an accident to prevent fire as a result of possible short circuits.

The HFV12 has a single pole normally open (N/O) contact and is capable of switching a massive 190A at 16VDC. The relay also has an impressive inrush current withstand capability with ratings of 1500A for 0.2s or 1000A for 1s.


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