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Following a continual cycle of improvement of its product range, Martindale Electric is pleased to announce its new E1622 Milliohm meter, which is ideal for utilities use in the workshop, field or test facilities.

Featuring greater functionality, the E1622 Milliohm is a portable, digital, low resistance meter which uses a four wire system to eliminate errors and ensure accurate measurement of low resistance.

Capable of measuring from 1mΩ and with an accuracy of +0.5%, the E1622 is suitable for testing electrical bonding in areas as diverse as mines, aircraft, ships, railways and domestic and industrial electrical applications.  In addition, the E1622 is also able to measure electrical resistance in areas such as motor windings, generators and transformers, as well as other low resistance measurement applications such as bus bars and the resistance of electronic components, such as PCB tracks, switches and relays.

Ruggedly constructed, the new E1622 Milliohm meter from Martindale Electric, is supplied in a sealed ABS plastic case.

Martindale Electric

01923 441717


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