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Fast tracked

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Flexicon has been fast tracked after supplying flexible conduit to the Lessius racing team who took part in the prestigious Formula Student races at Silverstone.

Formula Student (FS)  gives universities across the globe an opportunity to build and design a single-seat racing car and compete against other international racing teams.

As an integral part of the safety of the vehicle, Flexicon’s PVC smooth bore flexible conduit is protecting the high voltage (HV) cables on the racing car.  Every HV cable that runs on the outside of the enclosure is secured and protected by the non-metallic orange conduit.

The LPCO conduit used is highly flexible and will therefore allow some torsional movement. It is also securely anchored at each end so that it can withstand a force of 200N without straining the cable. The products have also been vibration and shock tested to EN61373 Cat 2.

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