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Reduce installation and commissioning costs

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The Dali Zero Twelve is an innovative new Dali lighting control module from Delmatic which provides individual dimming and monitoring of twelve Dali luminaires. The module also allows total plug-in connectivity for speed and convenience whilst avoiding the need to address Dali ballasts on site which reduces installation time and commissioning costs.


In Delmatic’s experience, many clients are looking for ways to improve flexibility and enhance energy efficiency within existing buildings without disruptive changes to the installation.  Dali Zero Twelve modules enable flexibility and energy savings to be achieved without changes to the mains wiring installation: a two core control cable is all that is required to link the luminaire to the module.

The module is designed for single or two-fix installation and the robust frame accepts a clip-in module with ports for the plug-in connection of incoming 230V, Dali outputs, buswire, and control devices including switches, multi-sensors and presence detectors.


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