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Investments in sustainable energy solutions can pay financial dividends for UK plc

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Recent research by Attitudes to UK Industry* has shown investing in energy saving technology and sustainable energy sources has the potential to deliver substantial dividends to companies in more ways than might be obvious.

In fact, two in five people trust companies that invest in energy saving and sustainable sources of energy more than businesses that do not, and one in five who have invested in shares believe that a company’s commitment to sustainable energy is a factor in the attractiveness of any potential investment.

Gareth Dean, UK director, Rockwell Automation commented: “The growing importance of sustainability within people’s priorities and the effect it is having on their purchasing choices is becoming clear to see.  These powerful figures alone show the commercial sense it makes to invest in sustainable energy.

“Rising energy prices have made reducing energy consumption a key goal for companies, and in many cases has served to reduce expenditure considerably.  In 2013 carbon reporting will become mandatory to all companies on the London Stock Exchange, meaning that figures on emissions will be publicly available.  Simple measures such as understanding where energy is used and then looking for and investing in modern equipment with higher efficiencies could reduce long term running costs and place businesses in a very positive position with customers and shareholders alike.”

*Attitudes to UK Industry ( publishes research relating to the engineering and manufacturing sectors and on a broad range of matters of interest to commerce and consumers alike.

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