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Vital link in providing power and signal

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Noted within the engineering and manufacturing world for their quality, Binder’s range of connectors are often a vital link in providing power and signal to many types of products and devices. Based on simple but cutting edge designs, and with more than 50 years of experience in the connector industry, Binder connectors come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate for low power and pin count requirements with connectors such as the M8 series, up to the M16 series that can accept greater power on the low pin counts but can also cater for up to 24 pins if required.


Looking for Binder connectors for use in applications that require low power and signal? Then consider connectors from the 620 or 720 series. These are ideal for low power and signal uses and are also popular with users who have the constraints of a tight budget.

Both 620 and 720 connectors have a snap-in mating system and adhere to IP67 ratings.

If you need the smallest solution possible then products from the 620 snap in IP67 series are a great option. The 620 series features both male and female cable and panel options and pin counts of three, four, five and eight.

Have higher power requirements? Then consider the 720 snap in IP67 series, which can deal with much larger power needs but is still compact enough to be referred to as a miniature system. Binder connectors in this range are also ideal for adding colour to an application and products are available in red, blue and green, as well as standard black.

If you are looking for the right high quality connectors for any kind of industrial application we can help. Here at Northern Connectors we have been supplying connectors since 1983 and our experienced team have the knowledge to be able to advise on the right connectors for any job.

Northern Connectors is a franchised Binder supplier and also stocks Conec, Hirschmann ,Hummel, Lumberg Automation, Radiall, Souriau and Weidmuller products.

Northern Connectors

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