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Atex-certified sockets and junction boxes

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Marechal Electric announces a new range of ATEX-certified sockets and junction boxes which increase electrical safety in harsh, wet or hazardous environments such as oil refineries, chemical plants, gas terminals, grain silos and food processing.


These boxes provide customers with the flexibility to combine a wide range of functions in a single box, with ten standard box sizes in each range:

MXBJ: accepts up to 402 individual Exe terminals rated at 4A with 1.5mm² cables.

MXBS: combines socket-outlets and multi-contact connectors, with voltages up to 750V and currents up to 63A, in the same box. The largest of the ten standard case sizes can accept up to 24 socket-outlets or multi-connectors, with socket-outlets rated from 20A to 63A and multi-connectors rated at 10A and integrating between 12 and 37 contacts.

The terminals and ATEX plugs are suitable for use in ATEX environments which have a risk of explosion from gas or dust.

Marechal Electric

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