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Ultimate tray tool

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Legrand has set a new standard in product innovation by launching a universal bracket for its Swifts perforated cable tray that has the flexibility to replicate thousands of different traditional tray fittings.


The Swifts Universal Bracket, which has just one part number, has been developed with the aim of becoming an indispensible back-up tool for installers.

The bracket, which has nine pre-determined folding points, is designed to fold easily into numerous configurations and when over-folded four or five times can be snapped to provide even more solutions. It can be used as an internal or external riser on all widths of tray from 50 to 500mm and at almost any angle. It can also be used to make a reducer, flat bend, reducing bend, tee, reducing tee, crossover, offset and reducing crossover, flange, side dropout and mid-run riser.

Legrand’s Swifts Universal Bracket is available for medium duty (MRF) and heavy duty (SRF) cable tray ranges and has the same Swifts slot pattern as its perforated tray.

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