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Slimline switching solutions

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Weidmuller has introduced its new Termseries range of relay modules and solid-state relays with one or two changeover contacts housed in a slim line design with screw or tension clamp connectivity. The modules are housed in widths of just 6.4 mm and 12.8 mm and the compact design of both the relay modules and solid-state relays means that they require very little space on the mounting rail. Not only is space saved on the mounting rail, it also makes it possible to plan and implement smaller electrical cabinets.


The high-performance relay modules and solid-state relays can be combined as required, and reliably switch loads of up to 8 A at 250 V. Relay modules are also available with gold contacts for switching low power loads. The range also includes pluggable solid-state relays for applications in which reliability and freedom from wear is required. Users can take full advantage of the fact that the pluggable modules are easily exchanged or replaced during maintenance procedures, without having to undertake the time consuming disconnection of wiring.

Depending on requirements users are able to choose between products with fixed voltage inputs and a unique multi-voltage input version. Choosing a multi-voltage input allows signals from 24-230 V AC/DC to be conditioned with just a single module. This reduces storage costs and makes it possible to implement a universal connection to the field level.

The multi-voltage input version is particularly useful in the process industry where a variety of signals of different voltages are emanating from the field and need to be isolated. Relay modules are generally taken from the workshop and installed in a tested electrical cabinet. To date, this requires several relay modules which then entails time and costly onsite conversion work. However, with Weidmuller’s solution, the multi-voltage input, just one relay module is all that is required.

Likewise, in the machine building industry there are a variety of signals of different voltages in production lines: signals are transferred between the machine and handling system utilising the handshake process, the multi-voltage input means just a single relay module is required.

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