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Fans comply with changes to building regs

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As a major company in the ventilation and fan equipment market, Addvent has expanded their range of fans which comply with the 2010 changes to the Building Regulations.


In addition to stating minimum air flow requirements, the Approved Documents Part L & Part F now demand minimum energy efficiencies, with fans meeting a minimum Specific Fan Power (SFP). This is measured in watts per litre per second (W/l/s) of airflow extracted and all models in the new Part L & Part F range comply.

Addvent’s latest addition is a whisper quiet, low-noise range giving a 40% reduction in sound level when compared to conventional domestic 100mm fans. With a 4.8w motor, the models achieve Addvents lowest ‘specific fan power’ making it the most environmentally friendly fan in their range today, along with an excellent performance of 72m³/hr.

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