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Maximise energy efficiency

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A Delmatic lighting control system has been installed at Bectontree Heath Leisure Centre to provide networked control of lighting within key areas of the building. Utilising the open technology of Lon for high-speed, energy-efficient control of lighting, the system optimises energy efficiency through multi-sensor daylight linked dimming, presence/absence detection or microwave detection throughout the leisure centre. This is controlled via the head end pc in the manager’s office or, for even greater flexibility, at the touch screen interface at reception.

The Delmatic system incorporates distributed intelligence and the control hardware contains built-in intelligence such that local operations continue to function even in the event of nonoperation of system outstations (routers). It also includes future-proofing, and has been designed for long and reliable operation to provide sustainability and re-use in the medium and long term. The software virtual wiring enhances the value through the ability to reconfigure the system to meet alternative future requirements. The system provides full testing and monitoring of emergency luminaires across the site.

The multi-function spaces, such as the studio, gym and pool require different lighting levels, according to how the space is being used. Delmatic has helped to achieve this via either local scene set selection in the rooms or via the touch screen interface at reception.


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