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Extended measurement range

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Wago’s Series 789–621 range of DIN rail mount current sensors now covers a measurement range of 1 to 140A DC – and is ideal for cost effective monitoring applications in photovoltaic systems or inverters.


They have contact-less current measurement and their own internal intelligence as well as LED indication and DIP switch setting.  The collection of current or status information is made available to a PLC via 2 x RJ45 connectors using RS485 Modbus protocol.

Precise monitoring enables the operator to immediately identify power loss without having to compare output data.  Current sensors also allow PV module failures such as cracked cells or lightning strikes to be detected more quickly.

Suitable for conductors up to 35mm2, the sensors are designed for continuous current measurement of individual conductors during operation.  Like the 789-620 model (0-80A DC measurement range), the 789-621 sensor features 0.5% full-scale accuracy.


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