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The new Challenger  External Sounder unit boasts up-to-the minute LED strobe technology to improve power consumption, plus features such as front & rear tamper, 117DB sounder, SAB/SCB switching & LED status indication.


With LED strobe technology at only 60mA, the Challenger External Sounder will last longer and draw less current than xenon tube strobes. The PCB & LED strobe array has an additional shield for added protection and the LED’s can also indicate a fault as soon as it occurs. An additional feature with the installing contractor in mind is to add wiring details to the inside cover so they cannot be mislaid.

The Challenger External Sounder has an integral bell cut off timer to help reduce noise pollution. This consists of 5 selectable time settings; 2,6,8,14, 20, ranging from 2 -20 minutes.

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