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The RightVOLTAGE optimisation for You

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We save energy. It’s what we do, and we have been doing it well for over 30 years across 5 continents.

Our voltage optimisation systems are built around a patented RightVOLTAGE technology integrated with advanced proprietary algorithms that calculate continuously your energy saving figures, guaranteeing that you know exactly how much electricity and CO2 was saved.

• Improve your bottom line by up to 18%

• Protect and extend your electrical equipment lifetime

• Cut back on operating expenses

Who are we?

PowerSines is the pioneer in the development and manufacturing of power electronics and voltage optimisation technologies. We have a range of solutions for cutting electric costs in commercial facilities such as restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, and others, lighting installations and electric AC motor applications.

Powersines all-in-one solution

PowerSines universal energy controller for commercial installations, ComEC, is the most advanced voltage optimisation system available in the market today for maximising on energy saving. ComEC regulates and stabilises the voltage to the optimum level, enables monitoring and controlling of electricity allocation and displays saving figures through a Remote Energy Management System.

• Dynamic voltage stabilisation at the user-set level.  The user selects the right voltage for their facility and PowerSines’ system ensures that the voltage will remain stable at that level even when the main voltage increases or drops. This mechanism enables full realisation of the voltage regulation range and maximises your saving potential.

• Overall protection features.  All our products are designed for maximum reliability. They are equipped with a built-in Manual Changeover Switch as well as Automatic Bypass and Protection mechanisms to avoid overload, over-temperature and under-voltage – guaranteeing you reliable and uninterrupted operation.

• Smart control.  ComEC not only reduces energy consumption but measures the actual energy consumption and savings continuously, thereby providing you with precise saving results and ensuring that you are aware of exactly how much electricity you are consuming and saving.

PowerSines systems are installed in McDonald’s restaurants, Novotel hotels, FedEx, Carrefour, Tesco, IBM, Motorola, and hundreds of municipalities.


McDonald’s eco-friendly restaurants reflect their sustainability goals and efforts to save energy and reduce their CO2 footprint.

McDonald’s chose PowerSines universal energy efficiency solution,  ComEC, to dynamically control and stabilise the output voltage in all 160 branches in Israel and reduce its electricity bill.

McDonald’s benefits with ComEC’s continuous stable voltage output:

• Generate immediate savings of 12.9%

• Improve power quality

• Extend equipment lifetime

• Reduce operational costs

Easy installation: 

PowerSines ComEC system was installed within just a few hours at each of McDonald’s sites:

• Quick and simple installation after the main circuit breaker

• Small footprint & robust design

• Minimal disruption to business operation

• No changes to the existing electrical infrastructure

The chart above depicts energy savings with and without ComEC over a 3-day period.


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