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Compact RCBOs leave room to manoeuvre

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Easier and faster wiring in consumer units and distribution boards is the key benefit offered by the new range of compact RCBOs from Eaton’s electrical sector. The new devices are 20mm shorter than their standard counterparts, so they make much more room available for wiring, eliminating the need for users to struggle to make multiple connections in a confined space.

The introduction of the 17th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations has resulted in RCBOs being far more widely used than ever before. However, because these devices are longer and require more space than ordinary miniature circuit breakers, and also need to accommodate a flying neutral lead up to 1100mm long, they have often been difficult to wire in the space available in consumer units and distribution boards. The new compact RCBOs from Eaton solve this problem completely, while allowing the continued use of standard consumer units and distribution boards.


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