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High definition connectors

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Belden has launched a new range of Belden Brilliance High Definition (HD) BNC Connectors. Designed for use with Belden Brilliance Coax Cables, these new Belden HD Brilliance Connectors deliver unparalleled end-to-end performance.


The new family of BNC connectors offers the performance and reliability required by the professional broadcast and professional audio/video market. The connectors also provide better than -20 dB Return Loss performance through 4.5 GHz, exceeding the SMPTE specification requirements.

The new Belden Brilliance HD Connector line is comprised of:
•    Breakthrough 1-Piece BNC Compression Connectors with Optional Patented Locking Feature
•    Optimized 3-Piece BNC Crimp Connectors
•    Connector tools for both 1-piece and 3-piece connectors


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