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Taking cutting edge inspection technology to the next level

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The new Super Cam V7 is the latest in a long line of inspection tools from Super Rod.

Building on the success of the Super Cam V6, the V7 also features a high-quality camera and record function, but the V7 can be used over longer distances, thanks to the coiled design.

Featuring a sprung camera head with integral light source, the Super Cam V7 provides outstanding resolution and image clarity, perfect for inspecting under floors, cable runs, wall spaces, machinery, etc. The system uses an easy ‘plug and play’ assembly, with the coiled GRP plugging directly into the camera head and monitor base unit. Power is supplied either by the mains or via an integral power source in the base unit. The record function can be remotely operated, and saved footage can be reviewed on the integral monitor or transferred via USB. When not in use, the entire kit packs into a protective plastic case.

Commenting on the development, managing director of Super Rod, Malcolm Duncan, said:  “The V6 version is a very popular line, however, customer feedback highlighted that there is a need for a mass market coiled inspection camera, which can be used in ducting, through conduit etc.

“We discussed the requirement and decided that there was room in the range to offer both product types side-by-side; the V6 endoscope style camera for short distance inspections and the V7 coiled product for longer distances.

“The result fits in perfectly with the Super Rod ethos of creating systems and solutions. We now have inspection tools to meet practically every challenge installers will face, which will really make the difference to their working lives.

“Having the ability to not only inspect, but to also record and review footage will dramatically change the way Super Cam V7 owners work. They will be able to document inspections and explain tasks to clients, which will help strengthen the relationship between the client and the installer.”

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