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Maximising your savings

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PowerSines is a pioneer in the development of power electronics and voltage control technologies demonstrating over a decade of success in voltage optimisers and stabilisers. The company has several patented technologies for implementing efficient and fully controllable voltage regulation systems.

Today over 25,000 PowerSines systems are installed around the world, helping business users, municipalities and industrial customers dynamically regulate their voltage and save substantially on electric costs. Initially PowerSines focused on lighting applications, specifically street and road lighting, however with the recent global environmental awareness, the company has shifted its focus to meet the needs of the commercial and business markets.

PowerSines’ universal energy controller for commercial installations, ComEC, is said to be the most advanced voltage optimisation system available in the market today for maximising on energy saving. ComEC regulates voltage to the optimum level, enabling users to monitor and control their electricity allocation and automatically calculate saving figures.
PowerSines’ ComEC is an all-in-one solution that includes:

•    Dynamic voltage stabilisation at the user-set level.  The user selects the right voltage for the facility; PowerSines system ensures the voltage will remain stable at that level even when the main voltage increases or drops. This mechanism enables full realisation of the voltage regulation range and maximises saving potential.

•    Overall protection features. PowerSines products ensure secure and reliable operation of system devices. All systems are equipped with a built-in manual changeover switch, automatic bypass and protection mechanisms to avoid overload, over-temperature and under-voltage – guaranteeing reliable and uninterrupted operation.

•    Smart control.  PowerSines’ energy efficiency solution not only saves electricity, but also provides precise measurements of all electric parameters and saving figures sliced by day, week month and year. ComEC ensures that the user is always aware of exactly how much electricity is consumed and saved.

•    Remote energy management system (EMS). PowerSines provides a comprehensive remote EMS solution for monitoring, analysing and controlling all the ComEC systems deployed in large-scale applications. The Remote EMS provides the user with full control, in real-time, to on-line and historical data; enabling remote user device setup, chart generation and Excel reports for electric data analysis.

PowerSines systems are deployed in a variety of commercial and industrial sites such as fast-food restaurants, convenient stores, petrol stations, food markets, refrigeration facilities, hotels and hospitals.

With PowerSines McDonald’s restaurants, Novotel hotels, FedEx, Carrefour, Tesco, IBM, Motorola, and hundreds of municipalities are unceasing their profit margins and reducing their carbon footprint by becoming more energy efficient.

Case study

Beaverbrooks Jewellers is a typical success story of proven energy savings in the retail sector.

Beaverbrooks is one of the UK’s leading jewellers with 65 stores nationwide. The management values community and environment contribution, and as such it consciously implements energy efficiency technologies to lower its carbon footprint. PowerSines universal energy controller, ComEC, enables the company to achieve its energy saving goals.

The ComEC voltage optimiser generated savings of 19.9% on all its electric costs – exceeding Beaverbrook’s expectations.
ComEC dynamically regulated and stabilised the voltage at 220V on the UK electric grid. By doing so, ComEC reduced operating expenses generated from maintenance work and replacement costs, it also extends electric appliance lifetime by eliminated voltage fluctuations. The unit is compact and fits easily within the electrical cupboard after the main switch and did not require any changes to the existing electrical infrastructure.

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