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New consumer unit range includes landlords’ metering option

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The Homesafe range of domestic consumer units is the first offering in a brand new range of low voltage switchgear products under the Havells brand.

Homesafe offers all the control and protection configurations that would be expected of a quality switchgear manufacturer. In addition the range includes units with integral MID Approved meters for landlords’ billing applications.  This reflects Havells’ determination to provide UK-specific solutions through innovation and design.


Four basic enclosure configurations are offered:-
•    100A main switch with 6, 8, 12, 16 or 19 outgoing MCB or RCBO ways.
•    Split load units with 100A main switch and 63A RCD (6, 10 or 14 ways.)
•    Dual RCD units with 100A main switch and two 63A RCDs (8, 12 or 16 ways)
•    High Integrity units as above but with 10 or 14 RCD-protected ways and two independent RCBO ways

Miniature circuit-breakers and RCBOs have a 6kA short-circuit rating and are available as Type B or Type C devices.  MCB ratings are from 4A to 63A. RCBOs are all single-module 30mA devices in ratings from 6A to 50A. The new MCB range is Kema Keur certified.

There are also 3-way and 5-way IP55 enclosures suitable for use in garages, workshops and similar locations. The units with integrated MID meters are a novel solution to fill a perceived niche in the market for landlords or building owners who provide social housing, student accommodation or key worker accommodation. They provide accuracy-assured metering for billing purposes and can be read locally or via a communications link using pulsed signalling, Modbus or M bus protocols.

While the Homesafe range of Havells branded consumer units represents the Company’s first entry into the UK marketplace, Havells India, the parent company, has an established reputation for the manufacture of circuit-breakers as OEM products for leading British and European electrical companies. It has supplied an estimated 50 million poles to the UK market alone. Its products are manufactured to IEC, European and British standards and independently tested and approved by bodies such as Kema Keur.

The Homesafe range is described in a comprehensive 26-page catalogue.

Havells UK
020 7011 9700

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