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Video of the Week – energy chain

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Energy chain company igus UK has developed a solution to the fast increasing technical requirements of energy chain; specifically those travelling at extreme distances and speed with very heavy cable loads.


Many applications worldwide, such as cranes and conveyors ,are already operating with the conventional roller e-chain systems, but naturally over time the demands on these machines increase and the technical limits, including noise reduction, are increasing.  P4 rol-e-chain has been designed by igus to fulfil the new challenges that come with extreme travels of energy chain of up to 800 meters.

igus P4 rol e-chain is designed with tribo-optimised plastic rollers, which have been integrated in between the links of the chain to ensure that the pitch of the energy-chain is even throughout. The other important features are that they have been engineered with comb-like auto-glide cross bars and that the upper run rollers run through (not over) the lower ones, allowing them to roll smoothly on a continual wide surface.

The system is modular and is available in 4 different heights: 32 mm, 42 mm, 50mm and 80mm. The 50mm and 80mm links can be extended 50% with an extension link, additional steel connection elements are available and a P4 guide trough has been specially designed in conjunction with the auto-glide cross bars allowing the upper and lower runs to function consistently. All of this equates to a robust, reliable, quieter and smoother gliding motion even at very high speeds of up to 10 m/s and with high cable loads up to 30 kg/m.

The P4 rol e-chain solution is suited to applications such as cranes, automated storage and retrieval systems, robots, materials handling technology and for steel works, plant construction, and large machine tools. In essence, igus is at the forefront of energy chain innovation and continues to offer low maintenance, wear resistant and cost-effective solutions. All products come with the igus guarantee and are available ex-stock.

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