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Switchgear safety conferences in demand

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EA Technology, technical author of the Health & Safety Executive publication HSG 230 Keeping Electrical Switchgear Safe, will be hosting an additional switchgear safety conference on 6 December from its facility in Chester.

The Keeping Electrical Switchgear Safe (KESS) conferences have been designed to share best practice across the industry with industrial and commercial owners as well as distribution network operators and switchgear equipment suppliers.


Over 1500 industry professionals have already attended these conferences, which cover switchgear safety in a detailed and easy to follow one-day structure. Delegates will gain a deeper understanding of how to apply best practices in the selection, operation and maintenance of electrical switchgear equipment, which will save companies time, money and potentially lives.

The KESS conferences, which are regularly updated to ensure all changes to legislation and standards are covered, focus on the complex issues surrounding HV switchgear maintenance and safety and the costly and potentially dangerous implications that poor switchgear management could have.

Typically based around four key topics; legislation, day-to-day operation, maintenance and replacement or upgrade strategies, the extra conference promotes the application of best practice in relation to PAS 55 the emerging international standard for excellence in asset management.

The one day conference will provide expert guidance on how to conform to latest regulations with particular reference to HSG 230 and the revised BS6626 standard for maintenance of HV switchgear.

The essential insights and knowledge provided will ensure that delegates have greater understanding of how to use best practice to improve maintenance and asset management regimes, establish internal training and operation protocols that conform to the latest regulations and maximise the safe utilisation of key capital equipment.

EA Technology’s UK sales and marketing director, Tony Hill commented: “With stringent legislation and revisions to standards  the electricity industry  needs  to keep abreast of regulations, penalties  and industry best practice. The cost and difficulties in sourcing new or replacement equipment also means that safeguarding switchgear assets is now more critical than ever.

“Our KESS conferences have been put in place to help the industry avoid costs of switchgear failures or replacements, understand the safety issues and ultimately how to manage switchgear assets safely and efficiently. Applying best practices can not only prevent costly failures and supply disruption, but can also form part of any defence in the event of an accident and potential prosecution.”

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