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Relays are powerful, easy to use and flexible

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A new range of protection relays has been launched by P&B Protection Relays, part of the PBSI Group, that deliver sophisticated control at a lower than ever price.

The MPR3000, MPC3000 and Vision3000 are the new models which replace the widely used former MPR2000 and MPC2000(D) relays. The new relays deploy technology from P&B Relays’ sophisticated ‘Vision’ relay range. The result is cost effective and versatile protection relays for both low and medium voltage switchgear.

Integral to the new design is a graphical LCD display. This allows for an intuitive menu structure with clear messaging and a display that charts and records the energising current during a motor start.

The 3000 range is directly pin for pin compatible with the previous 2000 relay hardware so direct replacement is simple, economic and immediate. The existing lid mounted reset push button will align with the new relay and also act as a metered data scroll prompt.

Using proven technology from P&B’s Vision relays, means the new 3000 not only shares design strengths and pedigree but is also benefits from the same state of the art production and testing processes. This allows the user to instantly inherit all of the new features and improvements of a modern P&B relay. One of the core design features is a modular pcb layout that lends itself to the shortened withdrawable case format as well as improving future serviceability of the relay.

To simplify the variety of device options, the 3000 RTD inputs have been fixed as standard to five inputs. The digital inputs are wide ranging and auto-sensing. The PSU can either be ranged for operation at 80-265V AC or DC or an LV type can be fitted for voltages between 18-65V AC / DC. As with the 2000, the secondary CT connection rating should be specified as either 1A or 5A.

In addition, the 3000 relay hardware consists of: four programmable output relays with changeover contacts; five fixed digital inputs (on the MPR3000) or 19 fixed digital inputs (on the MPC3000 and Vision3000); five push buttons to navigate the menu driven LCD screen; nine colour LEDs for indication and status; a front mounted RS232 port and a rear mounted RS485 port for Modbus RTU or P&B Protocol.

P&B Relays
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