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More data, more manufacturers, more functions

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Developed over two years ago, the EPLAN Data Portal integrates around 120,000 pieces of component and device data from numerous component manufacturers.

The number of manufacturers and components is permanently increasing and the portal itself is continually being updated.

A new portal member is Leuze electronic, manufacturer of optoelectronic sensors who has integrated EPLAN macros of selected switchgears (MSI-SR4, MSI-RM2) as well as many safety-oriented sensors.

In Version 2.0, Festo has also provided a selection of pneumatic components. These products, and the corresponding fluid symbols, which are now available for downloading from the Data Portal, greatly accelerate project planning in EPLAN Fluid.

Mitsubishi Electric has joined the list of new manufacturers with data for PLCs and inverters. Devices that are tailored to the system and require little space simplify planning. ABB has updated its data and Phoenix Contact has adjusted its already extensive range of products.

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