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Road lighting luminaire

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The new LEDgend Roadway luminaire from Holophane combines contemporary styling and a unique thermal management system to provide higher lumen output, sustainability and years of maintenance free operation.

The LEDgend luminaire has been engineered for operation in temperatures of up to 40°C whilst attaining 70% of the initial delivered lumen output at 80,000 hours. An even longer operational life is achieved if the ambient temperature is 25°C.

Holophane's LEDgend utilises a powerful, state-of-the-art optical design that consists of six independent and completely sealed IP66 prismaled optical systems that work together to provide the required road lighting distributions. Holophane's LEDgend is a totally open luminaire with a design that allows air and water to flow through the fitting which, in turn, ensures that the junction temperature of the LED's is kept to a minimum.

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