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MyElectricalJobs is the leading site in the MyJobs network. We are seeing increasing numbers of candidates registering with the site looking for that next move. We have seen a lot of movement within the electrical industry over the last three months with regards to recruitment and jobs.

There has been an increase in jobs becoming available within the industry, not only from specialist recruiters but from direct employers. There has been a lack of positions available for installation jobs, but over the last quarter we have seen an increase in this sector compared to earlier 2011.

There has also been a steady increase in some of the specialist sectors including oil and gas and renewable energy. Renewable energy is becoming a massive sector and although we advertise renewable and oil and gas positions on this site, we also have two specialist sites for these sectors and With UK contractors winning more and more of contractors in these areas, positions are becoming available for electrically qualified candidates.

Saving energy is now a big part of everyday life and the electrical industry will benefit. Many years ago energy saving was more a want than a need. But with the rising cost of fuel it is now at the top of the agenda for most businesses. For industry we are seeing more wind turbines been erected with new builds, and for the domestic market the solar industry is booming. We believe this is a great thing for the industry and although the traditional markets are still slow, they are once again growing.


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