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Major space savings with connectors

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One of the latest additions to Wago's range of high-speed clamp connection systems, picoMAX wire-to-PCB connectors deliver a 30% size reduction while considerably increasing vibration resistance up to 16g.

picoMAX is a complete connector system comprising male headers and female plugs compatible with wave and reflow soldering. Compared to other connectors, the height of the picoMAX® units is reduced from 22.3mm to 17.5mm and the depth from 13.4 to 12.4mm.

The picoMAX interconnection mechanism separates the roles of conductive and spring-loaded components, allowing a lower profile and permitting optimal material selection for improved spring strength and durability as well as improved electrical conductivity. The female connector can be almost entirely inserted into the header, and the two components lock together to prevent accidental disconnection.

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