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Energy saving lamps

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Senate Electrical has launched a new range of energy saving lamps under its in-house Sector brand.

The Energetic range, which includes CFLi and LED lamps for a wide range of light fittings, boasts energy savings of up to 85% on conventional lamps and a lamp life of 30,000 hours for LED lamps and 10,000 for CFLi lamps.

All lamps in the Energetic range are liquid mercury free, with CFLi lamps using Amalgam instead for a safer, more environmentally alternative. The latter come with a unique Break-safe feature to confine Amalgam and shattered glass if the lamp is accidentally broken.

The CFLi Energetic lamps use T2 tube technology to obtain a higher lumen output from a smaller size lamp and quick start technology, including Quick G-start on selected models for the fastest start possible – a 60% light output in 15-20 seconds.

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