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SMD lighting

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SMD lighting is an energy saving form of LED lighting. Where standard LED lights focus beams with an epoxy enclosure, SMD lights do not and therefore provide a wider, more evenly spread light.

SMD lights also have extremely low voltage and give off very little heat thereby saving energy and money. Ronfell Group's SMD lighting is shatterproof up to IK7 and therefore is fully safe for all uses, and because it doesn't contain any gases or mercury like standard lamps, it's entirely safe for use around food. SMD lighting comes in a variety of forms including floodlights, fluorescent tube lighting and emergency lighting and is up to 80% cheaper to run than standard halide lamps.

Ronfell's SMD lights are brighter, cleaner lights, proven to be more durable and can last up to ten times longer than standard LEDs and come with a three year guarantee! Ronfell will also design and fit the lighting to specific standards or requirements.
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