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As the UK’s leading developer of electrical software, Amtech offers a complete electrical design solution for electrical engineers and consultants. 

In an industry where speed and quality count, the choice of design software is critical. Amtech’s electrical design solutions are available in a range of levels so that users can select the functionality that best suits their needs. All products in the range will accommodate the changes being introduced in Amendment 1 to the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations (BS 7671).

The complete range includes ProDesign for fast, accurate electrical system design and calculation, SingleCable for quick single cable calculations and Protect LV or HV for protection studies and device selection. Designer Suite packages also incorporate PowerNet HV for the calculation of short circuit currents in low and high voltage distribution systems.


ProDesign electrical design software, available for projects with up to 400 distribution boards, is easy and quick to use with the ability to ‘sketch out’ single line diagrams in just a few minutes. Time saving features include a massive database of manufacturers’ devices, as well as the ability to create templates. ProDesign also includes error reporting routines and a built in ‘help’ system. Plus you can easily produce ‘what if’ scenarios within just a few clicks.

Protect LV and HV

Protect LV and HV use the design information from ProDesign to carry out protection studies without the need for specialist protection expertise.

Protect LV is suitable for low voltage installations, Protect HV is the ideal choice when working with both low voltage and high voltage installations. Both include rich databases containing thousands of protective devices, making it easy to select the most appropriate devices.


With SingleCable you can size an individual circuit quickly and easily, in accordance with BS 7671 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations. The software is extremely simple to use and provides results in seconds. Once calculated, the program also enables you to look at the results for the next cable size and/or protective device – larger or smaller.

Advanced Integration

Amtech software packages are designed to save time by sharing information and minimising duplication of tasks. For example, information from ProDesign can be exported to Protect LV or HV to check co-ordination. The information is only entered once, and you can switch between design and co-ordination with any changes made in one package being automatically reflected in the other.

Information from ProDesign can also be passed to FastTest certification software to save time on generating inspection and test certificates. In addition, data can be exported to Excel or HTML formats, reports can be generated in Word or PDF format and schematics can be converted to DXF format.

Support you can rely on

All Amtech software is developed and supported under BS EN ISO 9001 TickIT and backed by the highest levels of service, with technical support from fully qualified electrical engineers.

Amtech is also committed to helping its customers understand and comply with the latest legislation. To that end, the company is currently running a series of seminars on the 17th Edition, Amendment 1.

Don’t just take our word for it

“There are a number of features I like about Amtech software,” says Michael Brett of Brett Electrical Services. “As well as saving time and making us more productive, its software makes it very easy to produce professional looking reports for our customers, which gives them confidence in us and enhances our image. The software has kept pace with changes and the latest versions of the software show a real understanding of our needs and, more importantly, the needs of our customers. I have looked at other packages but Amtech outstrips its competitors by far, and the technical support is superb,” he adds.

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