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New 1200V type 2 surge protective device for photovoltaic applications

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Mersen (previously Ferraz Shawmut) is the inventor of TPMOV, a technology that disconnects metal oxide varistors at their end-of-life via a shield to protect them against damage from overheating. This patented, fully-standardised technology has enabled Mersen to launch a line of UL 1449 3rd edition approved Surge-Trap modular surge protective devices (SPDs) on the North American market followed by a line of SPDs for other markets and which also meet the requirements of IEC 61643-1.

Surge-Trap SPDs feature a failsafe design that protects them against disruptive, dissipative and destructive damage caused by transient surges in low-voltage equipment.

The new Surge-Trap 1200V type 2 SPD for photovoltaic (PV) applications meets market demand currently characterised by a clear trend towards higher-voltage PV arrays. This trend is being driven by the fact that manufacturers are raising the voltages of their systems in order to increase their power output. Capable of withstanding voltages of up to 1200 V, this SPD is perfectly suited to protecting new ranges of UPS systems and solar panels that produce voltages in excess of 1000 V. It is exactly the same size as other SPDs in its range, but provides a higher level of protection.

Surge-Trap SPDs meet the requirements of the new EN 5053911 standard (late 2010) for SPDs used in PV applications. Tested in Mersen’s labs, these SPDs benefit from Mersen’s expertise in developing a proven manufacturing process and providing its markets with tried-and-true solutions.

Features and Benefits:
* DIN-rail mountable for easy installation
* Ease of installation and maintenance: of all the SPDs in the range, the Pluggable SPD offers the advantage of being easy to remove and replace without having to touch the base. The Modular SPD is the economic alternative to the Pluggable version.
* Internationally approved: IEC and UL compliant models and models designed for PV applications,
* Networked: status of the TPMOV indicated by a visual indicator on the front. Optional remote indicator via microswitch.



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