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Surge protection for explosive (Ex) areas

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Safety plays a critical role in designated explosive areas which occur during the manufacturing process, storage and transportation of flammable materials.

Surge protection devices employed within these environments must meet some of the most stringent safety requirements. To meet these demands, DEHN has continually developed a comprehensive range of surge protection products ATEX certified for use within explosive areas.

The DEHN Blitzductor range of surge protection devices covers a wide range of voltages and signals, has pluggable protection modules, and is DIN rail mounted. The Blitzductor range includes devices with ATEX certification for use in Zones 1 or 2.

For protection of field mounted equipment, the DEHNpipe range can be directly installed on Field mounted measuring sensors with a threaded connection.  ATEX certified for installation in EX Zones 1 or 2 the DEHNpipe is a space saving, easy retrofit to provide surge protection.


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