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Advertisement feature – Shedding new light on PV panel electrical testing

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The new PV100 solar installation test kit from Seaward is an all-inclusive electrical test solution designed specifically for those involved in solar panel installation.

The test kit is capable of carrying out all electrical tests required by IEC 62446 on grid connected PV systems, eliminating the need for multiple test instruments during PV panel installation.

Using the range of supplied test adaptors, the PV100 can be directly connected quickly and safely with all standard PV panel modules and PV arrays. With the single push of a button the new combination tester carries out the required sequence of tests in a safe and controlled manner, avoiding the risk of contact exposed live DC conductors.

The rugged and robust Seaward Solar Installation PV100 tester is lightweight‚ hand held and battery operated for maximum portability. Earth continuity‚ insulation resistance‚ open circuit voltage and short circuit currents are all tested‚ measured and verified efficiently, safely and reliably.

All the required measurements are performed automatically and the instrument will also automatically compare the performance of multiple strings and indicate whether the open circuit voltage or short circuit current measurements are within 5% of each other, as required by IEC 62446. 

The tester can be used to test PV strings with open circuit voltages up to 1000V and short circuit currents up to 10A. Using the supplied Solar AC/DC current clamp, operating currents can be measured up to 40A.

All test measurement data is displayed clearly and concisely on a backlit custom LCD in numerical format and enunciators are incorporated to confirm whether measurements are acceptable.

Measurement of electrical data for up to 9 PV strings can be stored in the instrument’s internal memory to simplify comparison between strings.

The new PV100 comes as part of a complete test kit in a convenient carrying case that includes all test probes‚ adaptor leads and a Solar AC/DC current clamp.

In addition‚ for those renewable energy installers that prefer PC-based record keeping systems‚ a special SolarCert Elements software program is also available for use with the test kit.

This easy to use program accepts the manual entry of test data and measurement values for reproduction of professional test and inspection reports and certificates.

For more details go to or call 0191 586 3511

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