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Non contact voltage testers provide safety tip

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Martindale Electric's latest VT2 and VT3 non contact voltage detectors can
safely and conveniently verify the presence of AC voltage at outlets, switches, electrical panels, wires and cables, eliminating any potential danger of working on a live circuit.

Easy to use, the VT2 and VT3 can detect the presence of any voltage between 200V and 1000V by a red visual indicator in the tip.  In addition, the VT3 can also detect any magnetic fields produced by sensors,
relays, solenoids and transformers, by an additional illuminated green LED.

Slim and pocket sized for handy use anywhere, the VT2 and VT3 are suited to electricians or maintenance personnel who need to quickly and safely
test for energized circuits.

Exclusively available from Martindale Electric, the VT2 and VT3 are both supplied with alkaline batteries and a comprehensive
two year guarantee.

Martindale Electric
01923 441717

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