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Stainless compression latches to IP65

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FDB Panel Fittings' range of stainless steel handles, hinges, locks and swing handles are now joined by the IP65 7-078 compression latch and its sister variant 7-079 with depth adjustable shaft.

This enables the cam position on the 7-079 to be re-set to accommodate varying door-to-frame depths. Both items are especially well suited to applications where vibration may be a significant problem or where an unusually wide compression range is required. These situations include road vehicles, railway rolling stock, gen-sets, HVAC installations etc.

The compression stroke of 6mm on the 7-078 (9mm on 7-079) generates enough pressure to compress even the thickest gaskets and seals while the 90° action coupled with high pull down forces are capable of resisting vibrational movement that may otherwise allow doors to shake open.

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